Shelagh Noonan

10-12 LSS Coordinator,LSS

Family Matters :). I have two sons (ages 18 & 20).  Several years ago, we spent one and a half years living on our sailboat traveling from California through the Panama Canal to the East coast of the USA.  On our trip, our boys experienced life from a slightly different perspective and value system.  I also spent a year home-learning on a sailboat when I was a child…..  “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..” 🙂

In the past 13 years, I have worked with a range of ages in the homeschooling platform:  from 5 years to 19 years, mostly with children who have special needs. I feel my role is to facilitate and support families in developing positive life-long learning approaches (in whatever way is most appropriate to their individual situation).  I enjoy being part of the incredible learning which takes place in families as a whole and being able to make the connection of natural, ongoing learning to educational standards.

Bachelor of Arts (University of Prince Edward Island), Bachelor of Education (University of British Columbia) and life long all-round Fitness Fanatic.   I  taught ESL in Taiwan and worked for several years (New York City and Vancouver) with adults and children with special needs.  Also, I taught for 2 years in the public school system before having children, and have been in the Distributed Learning platform ever since.  Along the way I have become an avid Fitness Trainer (Nia blue belt, Aquafitness, Taekwondo Black Belt, Group Fitness & Weight Training Instructor, Yoga, Nutrition, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Tai Chi) with an eye for Wellness as whole.   Through my somewhat diverse learning and life experiences, I have come to appreciate that there are never two of us exactly alike, just as there is never one ‘right’ way –   we are all constantly learning from one another.